“I love the way Catherine teaches yoga – she has a fantastic balance between keeping things light and accessible, and getting into some serious work. She is very inclusive and makes everyone feel welcome and at ease, no matter what your yoga experience or flexibility. I’d recommend her classes to anyone!” — Frances

“Like many people working in farming and other physical jobs, I’ve had years of shoulder pain. I have tried cortisone, acupuncture and physio, but nothing has worked long term. I was resigned to the fact that I was just going to have to put up with the pain. But after taking up yoga, the extra flexibility and the reduction of shoulder pain has been significant, and it is something I aim to continue with long term. Classes are great thanks to Catherine.  There’s no competition – we are all at different levels wanting to improve life.” — Mike

“Since being injured in a car accident, I now have limited mobility and flexibility. I am back practicing yoga (I regularly practiced yoga before the accident), and find it really beneficial for building strength and maintaining movement in my joints. I also sleep really well and deeply after class which is a huge benefit, because my sleep is often disrupted due to soreness and stiffness. I am positive that while I may not be as flexible as I was, regular yoga is supporting my wellbeing and health.” — Fiona

“I really enjoyed the class. I liked the pace of the exercises and I found Catherine’s instructions really easy to follow. I would love to return.” — Bronwyn

“I love the farm yard Yoga. You are fantastic. You make yoga fun. I used to be too scared to go to yoga classes as always thought you had to do the poses perfectly.” — Ann-Marie